YEARBOOK 2021-22

Welcome to the Yearbook/Memory Keepers Page!


The Yearbook Committee is working hard to find ways to create a yearbook the children (and parents!) will enjoy and certainly serve as a sign of the times for the 2020/2021 school year. Given our current circumstances, some things are just not possible, including candid class photos. These usually appear on the right side of your child’s class page. To make up for it, we decided to add a little “Pawstivity” and fun by having each student submit ONE photo that shows who they are. For example, a student might send a picture in their hockey gear, doing pottery, playing lacrosse, riding horses, showing their sense of style, etc. We want students to provide a picture that shows us who they are, what makes them proud about themselves.  Pictures are due by January 22, so please upload your photo ASAP! 

IMPORTANT - DO NOT "BOOKMARK" THESE LINKS. Each time you want to upload, please come to this site and click on the link for your class. 

Thank you. Please note:  For security reasons, you will not be able to view the photos once uploaded. 


  • Please only upload photos which you believe are yearbook quality - clear and in focus.

  • Each photo should have at least two children, preferably three or more students.

  • Each photo must take place on school property or at a school sanctioned event off school property, such as a field trip.

  • Each photo should have proper lighting - use a flash when lighting is uneven or dark. Do not upload dark or blurry images.

  • Always upload photos to the class folder using the link found at the Nut Swamp website. (Do not bookmark the link as it changes.)

  • Be sure all phone images are saved as “actual size.”


Feel free to contact the Yearbook Chairs if you have any questions or technical difficulties.