Welcome back parents and welcome to all our new families. We would like to tell you about our Gift Card program.  This program is an exciting, no cost fundraising initiative that has already raised approximately $30,000 over the past several years.  These funds have gone directly into our school and more importantly, our children’s classrooms. 

Every day we spend money on groceries, gas, books, music, gifts, coffee, and countless other purchases. Now our everyday spending can help earn money to benefit our children’s education.  Nut Swamp has expanded our relationship with the Great Lakes Scrip Center to give you access to hundreds of retailers nationwide.  It’s simple - figure out what you spend on groceries, gifts, going out to dinner or the movies, for example, and rather than spending that money directly at the retailer, purchase gift cards in advance. You are still spending the same dollar amount, however, Nut Swamp will earn a percentage of the card amount from the retailer. Here are just a few of the retailers available:







It really is that simple - by purchasing gift cards, you can help Nut Swamp earn anywhere from 2% - 18% of that card price.  For example, if you and your family enjoy dining at Outback, purchase gift cards in increments of $25, and Nut Swamp will earn 8% cash back. If you have a birthday coming up and you wanted to purchase that person a gift card from the Gap, we earn 14% back, so if you purchase a $100 gift card, Nut Swamp will earn $14.  Cards have no expiration dates or service fees.

The Nut Swamp Gift Card Program is green!  Simply log on to and choose what gift cards you want at your convenience.  It’s fast and easy (look below for important getting started instructions). Some retailers also allow you to fill cards you already have in your possession - now that’s green! 


You also have two ways to pay, you can send your check directly to school, made out to Nut Swamp PTA or you can pay electronically with the Great Lake Scrip Center’s PrestoPay program. When you use PrestoPay your order payment is transferred securely via electronic debit, just like a direct deposit system. Please note a small fee of $0.15 will be applied to orders placed with PrestoPay. 


We follow a monthly schedule. You can place your order online at any time, all orders will be processed by 10am on the order due date. Any orders placed after that will not be processed until the following month. If you have elected to pay by check directly to Nut Swamp and you have not submitted your check by the morning of the due date, we will not process that order. Also, please note when shopping for cards and a “special” is being offered, please remember to check the dates, we place the order once a month, regardless of special offers. Nut Swamp PTA will not be responsible for any mistakes made while ordering.  Please note: all checks are payable to Nut Swamp PTA and sent in an envelope marked “Gift Cards”.

2019-2020 Gift Card Order Dates: 















**Order your cards for Mother’s Day and Teacher Appreciation in this order 

Here’s How You Get Started

  • Go to

  • Click on: "Register"

  • Click on "Join a Script Program"

  • Enter Enrollment Code: 4LDAC37D22994

  • You will be prompted to create an account 

Once you have registered, you will receive an email confirming your information. You are then all set to start shopping!


Setting up a PrestoPay account

(only need to do if you plan to have funds directly taken from your checking account)

Once you have registered, login and click on “Dashboard”, “Family Functions”, and “PrestoPay”.  Follow set-up instructions.  You will receive an email from GL Scrip with a code listed.  Forward that email to Courtney Fiore or Sarah Rowland and they will authenticate your account.  They will send you an email when this process is complete so you can start using your bank account for automatic debits.

You can find the paper order form here. Please email orders to either Laura Cusson  or Rahila Winston.

If you have any questions, please click names to contact: 

Laura Cusson   or Rahila Winston