Hello 5th Grade Parents/Kids,


This year has been trying and we know we've already asked for so much from our families. However, our last big final request is all focused on the outgoing 5th graders!! It’s the traditional “5th graders through the years” photos, and the “5th Grade Baby Photos” that we need for the yearbook and the 5th Grade Video! We need your help with the following to make this a success. 

Please help us by doing the following as soon as possible:

  • Email a baby picture headshot (under 6 months) to Theresa Riordan

  • Upload a TOTAL of 3 (ONLY 3) grade school pictures of your child with Nut Swamp friends AT school or at a school function (should be from grades K thru 4) ….  if you were not here until 5th, please reach out to the Yearbook Committee.


DEADLINE FEBRUARY 28! But please send as soon as you can. Creating the page and video takes a lot of time so the sooner, the better. 



            Sample Baby Photo Headshot

EMAIL your 5th graders baby photo to:

Theresa Riordan at theresalista@gmail.com